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In March of 1994 the Cliff & Helen Grace Herrington - Sperry Schools Foundation was organized as a perpetual foundation created to support the Sperry Public Schools and its students.

This is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit, educational, charitable foundation, therefore your donation is tax deductible.
Foundation purposes are:
  • To better provide for the educational needs of the Sperry Public Schools and its student body by providing a continuing and permanent entity through which moneys or  other property by gift, devise or bequest can be dedicated to education purposes;

  • To assure quality education for all students within the Sperry Public Schools by broadening community support and enlisting business and public assistance in providing unique educational resources and opportunities;

  • To increase and enhance the interest of students of Sperry Public Schools by making scholarship funds available for collegiate or technical education;

  • To be a vigorous school-business organization dedicated to playing a major role in affecting education in Sperry; and

  • To secure resources and contribution from individuals, corporations and foundations to be distributed to support programs that will stimulate excellence in and mobilize community support for the Sperry Public Schools.

The Foundation has already awarded over $273,000 in Scholarships and Grants. Continuing education scholarships as well as teacher grants and direct purchases will support the School and it's graduates.

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